Welcome to Marijuana Merchant Account, your one stop shop for a merchant services account specifically catering to your unique industry.  Whether you are a full Marijuana dispensary, a smoke shop, or simply offer some marijuana related products, your business may be considered “high risk” and therefore more likely to not gain approval by traditional merchants.

Let the worry stop here.  We will take the hard work out of finding you the best merchant account for your needs, which will facilitate the processing of funds and help you turn a profit and grow your business.  Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our experts who can develop a personal system that is tailored to your individual needs.  If you already have a merchant but are unsatisfied, our specialists will conduct a cost analysis that will show you exactly what you are currently being charged as well as present to you a new proposal for much less.

So whether you can’t accept credit cards, are having problems finding a merchant or are drowning in high fees from the one you do have, call Marijuana Merchant Accounts to solve all of these dilemmas and more!

About the Author: Brian Ellis

With 6 years' experience in business journalism, Brian is the person we turn to for anything related to the business of cannabis. His news coverage spans topics including marijuana business and finance. Brian's work features on themarijuanapages.com, marijuanareferral.com, , marijuanamerchantaccount.com and marijuanainsuranceagent.com.

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