About Us

MarijuanaMerchantAccount.com is brought to you by Phoenix, AZ company VS Card Services, LLC.

Since 2010, VS Card Services, LLC (VSMerchant.com) has been helping small to medium size business obtain the best merchant rate possible. VS partners with local and global merchants to make accepting credit cards, electronic checks, and other payment options simple and fast.

We have secured trusting relationships with numerous banks and merchant processors all over the world in order to find the most appropriate providers for our customers. This combination of knowledge and networking associations is what sets us apart from the rest and allows us to serve your needs in the best manner.

As a business in the marijuana industry, you may be considered “high risk” and therefore more likely to encounter problems when banking or applying for a merchant account. MMA will take the hassle of away from you by partnering your company with the proper solution.

MMA prides itself on expert customer service while finding you the best fit for your processing needs. Contact us today to start accepting credit cards and expand your sales possibilities.