Cannabis is becoming more and more accepted across the United States, and the proof was in the proverbial pudding as the House of Representatives voted in favor of taking marijuana off of the federal Controlled Substances Act on December 4. 

The House voted on the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (aka the MORE Act). The decriminalization makes way for removing nonviolent federal marijuana convictions, and also offers ownership opportunities, and establishes funding sources to reinvest into communities negatively affected by the war on drugs. The MORE Act also includes provisions that would allow veterans to get medical cannabis recommendations from Veteran Affairs (VA) physicians. 

The vote (228-164) was the first time a full chamber of Congress has addressed the issue of federal cannabis decriminalization. The majority of the votes in favor were from democrats. The Senate, which is primarily Republican, is unlikely to approve the bill. 

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